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Our Teas


  Good tea is great, and bad tea is awful.  It's always scary to start with a new brand, not sure if it will be the former or the latter.

  There shouldn't be so much guesswork!

  At Appalachian Tea, I have personally tried every tea that I give you to taste or put in the shop.  I want you to know that it started as a good product and was prepared correctly.

  We may end up having different tastes, but I promise I'm bringing you the best quality I can.

Cup of Tea

Black Teas

The most intense flavors are found in this category.  They are usually the first choice of people converting from coffee who are seeking to replace the flavor. Most blended teas come from these base teas.

Oolong Teas

Oolongs fall half way between black and green teas.  They are less oxidized than black teas, resulting in a lighter flavor and color, but more oxidized than greens.  Most have a liquor the color of amber.

Green Teas

Green teas are considered one of the healthiest teas.  They contain a higher portion of healthy antioxidants and polyphenols due to minimal processing.

White Tea

Only produced from the unopened buds of the tea plant, this tea is named for the fine white hairs on the buds.  Teas are minimally processed, providing decent health benefits, but not as many as green teas due to shorter brewing times.


Rooibos is technically a tisane, not a tea, as it is produced from different plants: Aspalathus Linearis and Cyclopia Intermedia.  Teas in this category are naturally caffeine free.

Herbal Teas

Our herbal teas are made from local herbs by Brightside Acres.

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Flavored Teas

Our regular house stock of flavored teas.

Specialty Teas

High quality teas with unusual preparations, either by the brewer or by the producer.

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